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Samwyse is an Artist, Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, and Multi-instrumentalist born and raised in North East D.C. He began his musical career at age 5 as a violinist in the D.C. Youth Orchestra, and quickly grew his love for musical expression. A few years down the line, he picked up the guitar, and then the alto saxophone a year after that, teaching himself how to play from YouTube videos.
His life has always been defined by music, having been raised with a family of musicians and choir directors, so that the gift of music and the ear for it was ingrained in him. After receiving a bootleg copy of recording software from his cousin in 2013, Samwyse started producing and recording tracks with his childhood friends. Inspired by Pharell, Joey Bada$$, Lauryn Hill, and  Anderson Paak., Samwyse’s style is versatile and can range from D’angelo-like vocal harmonies, to Travis Scott-like flows and beats.  
He taught himself how to produce, but wanted a deeper understanding of engineering and the music business, so he moved to New Orleans and continued his education at college. It was there, on his first day in New Orleans, that he met Ayotemi. They immediately started collaborating on 4 projects and numerous songs. Today, they still work closely together, and are expecting to release a joint project in SPRING 2020. They have created a fully immersive musical experience at their live shows, fusing genres and bending the limits of what was thought to be normally possible.

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